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Get Clients Now

May 29, 2017

On today's episode of the GET CLIENTS NOW Podcast …I’m going to be speaking with one of the world's leading authorities in emotion-based marketing "Paul Conner" ...where you'll discover the secrets for “How To Supercharge Your Marketing and Advertising By Hitting The Emotional Triggers Of Your Prospects”

A consumer researcher since 1982, Paul founded Emotive Analytics in 2004 after seeing that traditional consumer research was lacking in revealing why people do what they do. He began a search for better solutions and, in psychology and neuroscience, found that assessing emotions and implicit System 1 processing were critical.

In addition to designing and conducting myriad customized studies, Paul’s works and thinking have been published in Marketing News (and several other world-class publications) as cover stories and articles on topics such as consumer emotions, behavioral economics, and research design.

During the interview with Paul, we’ll discuss:  

  • Why (when you’re designing your marketing and advertising campaigns) …that it’s important that you don’t overlook the power of emotions.  
  • How research indicates that the most effective advertising targets the emotions more than the intellect. 
  • Well look at some of the ways that emotional advertising causes people to make buying decisions and spend more money with you. 
  • The ONE MISTAKE business owners and entrepreneurs often make confusing “rational” purchasing decisions based on facts and data. 
  • How you’re killing response to your advertising by creating ads that list the features and benefits of your product. 

We’ll also cover compelling research that indicates that emotions motivate every buying decision ...and how the most successful small business owners are aware of (and leverage this) to get more clients ...and sell more stuff. 

Marketing savvy business owners use emotional triggers to motivate their prospects, customers and clients to buy … buy more …and buy more often. 

By the end of today’s show …you’ll be totally prepared to supercharge your marketing and advertising ….by hitting the emotional triggers of your clients and prospects.

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