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Get Clients Now

May 15, 2017

In this episode, Direct Response Internet Marketing Copywriter and Consultant ...and Host of the Get Clients Now Podcast Ken Newhouse talks with marketing expert Debbie Ward (CEO & Founder: Silver Tablet Marketing) about the systematic approach for creating a customer avatar and how to quickly implement it in your business.

Ken and Debbie discuss how a customer avatar will impact virtually every aspect of your marketing and sales.

Ken and Debbie both agree that a laser-focused customer avatar is a key component of the marketing SECRET WEAPON ·for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.

So, what exactly is a customer avatar?  It's an idealized representation of your perfect prospect.  If you want your marketing and advertising to "speak" directly to the people who are most likely to buy your stuff  and achieve the best results possible’s important to properly develop your customer avatar.  After all, marketing communication works best when people feel like you’re talking directly TO them.

The best way to deliver that effect is to write as if you ARE speaking directly to one person – your customer avatar.

Here’s a few short questions to answer about your ideal customer that will give you an avatar that you can speak to in your outbound communications.

  1. What Do They Want?
  2. What’s Their Pain?
  3. What Common Challenges Do They Face?
  4. What are they Afraid of?
  5. How Will Your Products and Services Make Their Lives Better?
  6. Add Those Small, Personal (and Very Important) Details 

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