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Get Clients Now

Oct 12, 2017

Ken Newhouse here welcome to and the Get Clients Now podcast.   Today's episode is titled:  “The 15-Step Framework For Building An Unstoppable Client Acquisition System”.   

So, on today’s show it’s just me and before we get started I want to ask you a question:  “Why have I put an emphasis on ‘Unstoppable’ here?”   

Well ...if you’re like me and if you’re like my most successful clients you realize that around every corner behind countless cold calls even in the midst of a seemingly qualified referral exists a literally “army” of unqualified, over-promising hucksters who are hoping that you’ll buy into their schemes and tactics. In some cases, they're just outright scams. So, we want to avoid that. 

For the last 15 years I’ve been coaching business owners, professionals and consultants and during that time I've been able to work very, very closely with men and women (who have built) amazingly successful companies.  And after studying the individual elements (that made each one of them successful) .I looked across the board at all their businesses and assembled a detailed list of the attributes (i.e., the “success elements”) that these super successful companies shared in common.

Now after doing that  I took those shared “success factors” and used them to create the framework I’ll be sharing with you today.  And my promise for you today is this:  If you’ll follow the framework I give you today the framework I built from studying the businesses of my most successful clients and Members over the past 15 years  I guarantee that you’ll enjoy greater levels of success and profit than ever before.   So, if you’re ready let’s get going.

OK When you set out to create an internet-driven  client acquisition program for your business . (obviously) you really want it work (as in: “You want it to be profitable”, right?) and once it is profitable you want it to keep working for ever, right?.   Now if you’ve been wise enough to subscribe to this podcast and you’ve invested your time wisely by listening to the trainings and have consistently been taking action you’ll remember how I’ve stressed to you that marketing your business online is comparable to running a marathon, right?  not a sprint.

Now, I'm coming up on 20 years since I brought my first business online  the first one being started in April 1998  and during that time I've seen a lot of people come and go. They're in, they're out it’s (literally) been like a revolving door!  --- I’ve hired several of the very best internet marketers and copywriters (primarily as my coaches) and their leadership and training has been priceless but another thing that has really, really helped me is mindset and business building strategies that I was using to run my multi-location chiropractic practice.  

So, if you’re ready lets cover several of the things that you can implement to make your business (not only) profitable.