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Get Clients Now

Dec 11, 2017

Hey everybody …Ken Newhouse from here and I want to welcome you back to the Get Clients Now Podcast.   Today is our 8th episode in our Six Figure Sales Funnel Series and today we’re going to talk about how to get prospects (that have come into your sales funnel) to instantly bond with your Magnetic Mystique persona. 

We accomplish this through a process (known as the Soap Opera Sequence) …which is a methodology (created by Andre Chaperon) that uses email (to create affinity and build trust) between you and your prospects.  

This methodology makes it much, much easier to (for prospects to become engaged in your process).

Now the benefits of that (which should be obvious) are that a greater percentage of them will (make that initial purchase in your sales funnel) move up your ladder of ascension (where they’ll continue buying) until they reach the top of your value ladder ...which (ultimately means) …you’ll get more clients …sell more stuff …and make more money (consistently).

Now …in the previous episodes (in this series) …we talked about:

  1. Where your traffic is “hanging out” online (so you know where to target them) “in mass” … (which we covered in episode #031)
  2. We talked about (reverse engineering) where your traffic is coming from  and now that we know (where our most successful competitors) are buying their traffic …(we know where to buy ours) …and we covered that in episode #022 … 
  1. From there …we get traffic coming into our world …(meaning that we’re converting traffic that we control) and traffic we don’t control …and we’re converting them into (traffic that we own) which simply means (we’re getting prospects from these traffic sources) to opt-in …where they end up (on our list) …and now we (essentially) “own” that relationship …we own that traffic. (that’s from episode #032) 
  1. Once we’ve got them on our list (meaning that we own the relationship) …we communicate to them through our (Magnetic Mystique) …the persona you’ve created (based in truth) that resonates with your (Ideal prospects and clients) …and is magnetic and irresistible to them… (and you can learn more about that in episodes #033 and #034)

And on today’s show …we’re gonna take all that (and assemble the framework) you’ll use to take the (traffic that you now own) …remember …we’ve taken traffic that you control (from paid ads) …and traffic that you don’t control (that comes from people) say “landing on your blog page” from any number of sources (out of your control) …and we’ve converted those two forms of traffic (into traffic that you own).

You can download the free template I created to help you quickly and easily create your Soap Opera Sequence of emails by going here now ---