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Jun 5, 2017

Episode #7: "How to Eliminate Sales Objections and Erase Price Resistance by Creating a Bulletproof Sales Presentation and Close"

In this episode, Host Ken Newhouse interviews Ryan Hunt ...V.P. of Cornerstone Solutions. But before I bring Ryan in to the training …I want to share a process I created …that’s going to provide greater clarity …greater levels of confidence … and increase your capabilities when it comes to selling more of your stuff.

The process I’m referring to …is called The Ultimate Presentation Formula … and by the end of today’s show …you’re going to be able to:

  • Immediately improve your meetings and sales presentations …so you can convert more prospects into paying customers.
  • Attract more leads and generate more sales with your Internet marketing efforts like Facebook … landing pages and sales videos too.
    Use your webinars (whether they're live or recorded) to generate more sales.
  • The copy in your sales letters and ads …will convert more prospects into paying customers …in a way that actually makes them happy …that you delivered the presentation.
  • You’ll instantly overcome the feeling of nervousness …or the tendency to freeze up in your sales presentations …(when it comes time to ask for the sale) … whether you’re selling face-to-face … on the phone …or doing a live webinar presentation …you’ll have the confidence necessary to get the job done.

The bottom line …is that this simple (yet powerful) framework …can totally quickly and completely revolutionize your confidence and your capabilities to sell effectively …effortlessly.

So, what’s the biggest benefit you’ll gain from learning the ULTIMATE Presentation Formula? Chances are …you’ll become a master presenter… your conversion ratio will skyrocket … the process of selling will become more enjoyable for you and your prospects …and ultimately …you’re gonna make a lot more money!

While some time-honored, reliable business strategies and skills continue to have their place— are even more important than ever— they must be combined with new, more sophisticated, more disciplined methods in sync with the realities of the economic realities of 2017 ...and the psychology of its consumers and clients.

Ryan Hunt and Cornerstone Solutions provide sales training and tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs well as large privately-owned companies and corporations ….to secure more business, gain market share, and achieve more consistent sales.

To get your FREE Copy of the Full-Version of the ULTIMATE Presentation Formula ...visit the Ken Newhouse website here.

To get information about Cornerstone Solutions' Legendary "Best Practices Boot Camp Training" ...GO HERE.