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Get Clients Now

Jun 12, 2017

So …The “OFFICIAL” title of today’s webinar is: “Five Ways To Get More Leads (FAST!) … And (of course) …Most Importantly … How to turn them into clients, customers and patients" …So you can MAKE MORE MONEY!

And if you don’t know me …My name is Ken Newhouse. And addition to being the creator and host of the Get Clients Now podcast …I’m known as the “Most sought-after “Direct Response” …Internet Marketing Copywriter and Consultant for small businesses and professional services providers in America.”

I’m probably known as that because it says so …somewhere on my website and because I’m probably (the only person in the world) with that long of a job title.

I’m the adviser to celebrity entrepreneurs and top-selling authors …with clients across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Now that’s enough about me. We’re not here for me. We’re here for YOU! And quite frankly, I am EXACTLY LIKE YOU!

I’m a small business owner. I have to make payroll just like you. I run ads just like you. I generate leads for MULTIPLE businesses (I own), just like you do …and I have all the stuff in my business, that you’ve got in yours!

All the frustrations and all the Cool stuff that comes along with that as well. So, today’s show is really more of a (peer to peer) presentation than an ivory tower (type) of presentation.
OK …let’s talk about what we’re going to do today …our agenda for the show. Of course, our mission here is all about getting leads and turning them into sales.

So, we’re going to talk about:

  • How To Get Leads From The Internet. We’re going to talk about…
  • How To Get Leads from the Mail (which is one of my favorites) because it’s often underutilized … which is awesome. And we’re gonna talk about…
  • How To Get In-Store Leads. These are people who are in your store (or) your business already … and we want to turn them into repeat clients through a super cool process (which I’ll explain to you on the show). And of course will also talk about …
  • How To Turn Those Leads Into SALES …FAST!

So, this episode's content is significantly different… this is coming from the perspective of being taught by someone who is In the trenches ... every single day.

I am just like you. I spend (ah) money on leads. I’ve got employees. I have office space… all that kinda stuff. In fact, over the last 30-days I’ve spent around $2,300 …for just one SMALL segment of my business using just on ONE MEDIA (which is online advertising using Facebook).

We use all types of methods to acquire leads so this is real world stuff. Everything you’ll hear about on this episode is a REAL-WORLD example; where “real dollars” are at stake.

You’re NOT going to learn any hacks or loopholes or any “one-trick-pony” type things today. Specifically, I’m covering a half-dozen case studies using real clients …and I’m doing this so you can see how to apply the strategies we used for them in your business.

Here's the special link I mentioned in the show: