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Get Clients Now

Nov 13, 2017

Today’s show is (part 4) in the our ongoing series (The Six-Step Marketing Funnel Framework), and in just a few minutes (I’m going to give you) one of my most closely guarded secrets (for finding) your Ideal prospects (online).

Before I start the training, however, I wanna tell you a short story (that has everything to do) with finding your ideal prospects.

Ya know ….Noah’s ark (used to be) the best place in the world to find people.

The journey began at 3:00 a.m. ----- Six and a half hours in my car. One way. – Six Hours …thirty minutes. --- That’s how long it took me (to get to the place) where 100% of the world’s population used to “hang out.” 

After 6 and a half hours (I looked bad). I felt bad. I wanted to go to sleep. But then I saw it. Unbelievable. They told me it took over 100 years to construct. Eight were allowed through the door (back then).  Amazed … I stood at the entrance… (Not believing what my eyes were telling me.)

Now pay attention (because what I’m about to say) is really important:

As of this moment I’m in possession of one of the best-kept marketing secrets on the planet.  Virtually no one else has it … (and I am about to give you). I’m including every online marketing guru in that statement.

Now you and I both know that talk is cheap.

So, put it to the test. Listen to this podcast … then go online. --- Discover for yourself (this is real).