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Dec 25, 2017

What I’m giving you today (would normally take you a year) …maybe two to figure out on your own (if you kept at it that long and didn’t quit out of frustration) …

And you’d probably spend somewhere north of ($10,000) in the process. 

What I’m about to give you is working (in the trenches) …like (right now) … as in (today) …Christmas 2017 …and it’ll work (as far as I can tell) through the end of 2018 …

which means that (if you’re the opposite of lazy) …and you’re the opposite of a procrastinator …

You’ll be able to implement this (and bank an extra) say …$40 – ($50K) by this time next year

…and (listen to me carefully) …that estimate is ON THE LOW END!

There’s NO MAGIC in what I’m giving you today …and while my clients (and Members in the FunnelTribes community) would swear that (one of my Super Powers) is that I can help you build a six-to-seven figure sales funnel for your business …

I’m content to let me work speak for itself.

So on today’s show …I’m gonna show you:  

(The Secret Method) For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel (Without The Frustration) of Wasting Time and Money!

Downloadable (PDF) Resources from shows #035 and #036 (No Email Required!) 

  1. The Daily Seinfeld Strategy Email Blueprint (which you can download) 100% FREE by visiting
  2. The Soap Opera Sequence Blueprint (and that was for creating trust and building affinity with prospects when they first opt in to your list.) You can download that blueprint (100% FREE) by visiting:
  3. Today's episode (#037) Resource:  This downloadable resource can help you (learn EVERYTHING you need to know about a competitor's campaign) in less than five minutes!  You can get the downloadable PDF by going to

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS (YOUR FREE GIFT!) - I’m gonna give you a copy of my latest book “Profitable Again”: ULTIMATE Strategies for Generating Even Better Results from Your Marketing and Advertising” The book sells for $29.97 on, but you can get your copy free by going to