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Get Clients Now

Nov 20, 2017

So, on last week’s show (#031) I taught you several “highly-effective” methods for finding your ideal prospects online. I also revealed (the importance) of creating a massive tribe of loyal and passionate prospects and clients …especially if you want to (build a bigger brand) … make more sales …and make (a lot more) money with your business online.

Now on today’s episode …I’m going to teach you one of the most important facts you’ll need to understand to create rapid and sustainable growth in your business… and your income.   I’m going to assume that you’ve invested some time …taken the information from last week’s episode … and figured out who your IDEAL Prospects are …and (where to find them online).  

So, on today’s show … we’re going to talk (specifically) about traffic.  Because now that you know (the “who”) …meaning you’ve done your due diligence and figured out who your ideal prospects are …and you’ve found where (they’re hanging out) in mass (online) …now we’ve gotta talk about (the fastest and easiest) methods for driving them (straight into your funnel) …or (for the slackers listening) …driving them to a (specific) page on your website.  

Now faster and easier (as it relates to “methods for getting online traffic”) in and of itself can be problematic.  As an example, if I showed you a method that was faster than anything else …and easier than anything else …but it cost (a bazillion dollars) …that wouldn’t work so hot!  

So, the traffic you’re gonna be able to get into your funnel …will also be (very light) on the pocket book too.  -- OK …so let’s talk about traffic. ---- Now, this might seem overly simple … but (there are only three types of traffic).  --- There’s: 

  1. Traffic you control
  2. Traffic you don’t control
  3. Traffic you OWN …and

And once you understand (how each type of traffic works) … and how they dovetail together … you’ll be able to send (the most qualified traffic) … to the (exact) offers (that are going to) convert at the highest rate possible.  

What (exactly) does that mean for you?  It means you’ll be converting (the maximum) number of prospects …into paying clients… (people who don’t simply buy once and then) fly the coop. 

It means you’ll be attracting highly-qualified (ravenous) prospects into your funnel who will move up the ladder of ascension you’ve built.  They’ll buy more from you and buy more often…which is COOL!  

If you’d like to access the free training I’ve got coming up titled:  “The Six-Step Sales Funnel Framework” …go here to register.  

There’s NOTHING for sale on the training …and if you register and attend BEFORE December 1st, 2017 …you’ll get two FREE Bonuses valued at $1997 …no strings attached. 

And if that wasn’t enough …The free training is guaranteed …so that by the end of the training you’ll be able to say: “Ken …that was awesome!  That was better than most of the paid trainings I’ve attended!” …and if you can’t …I’ll mail you a copy of my latest book “Profitable Again” ($29.97 on Amazon) …and (I’ll also send you) my latest video training product “Psychological Power Switches” …100% free …postage paid. 

Who else does that?  Nobody!  I checked!