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Get Clients Now

Nov 6, 2017

This week's episode is (part 3) in the Six-Step Marketing Funnel Framework series ...where I teach you how to use your value ladder to create your first "high-converting" sales funnel.  I showed you back in episode #026 - how to create a value ladder for your business) 

Now, during last week’s show (which was episode #029) … I walked you through (part #2) of the "Six-Step Marketing Funnel Framework:  The Simple Method You Can Use To Create a Tribe of Passionate Prospects, Clients and Fans – So You Can Build Your Brand, Sell More Stuff and Make More Money!

That framework was created to help you figure out who you want to serve … how to find them …what kind of bait you should use to attract them … and where the journey you want to take them on …when you’re delivering optimal results for them. 

Now if you remember, The Value Ladder (was created to help you figure out the specific (products and services) you’ll need to utilize …in order to get your IDEAL Prospects (to first opt in) …and then (subsequently) invest many more times with you (until they get to the point) of investing in your high-end services (or products). 


So, starting in next week’s podcast …episode #031 …I’m gonna start taking you deep (into the strategy, psychology, and tactics) you’ll need to employ in order to (map out) and build high-converting sales funnels for your business.

But before I take you there I need to (first) make sure (that you have a very, very clear understanding) of what a sales funnel is and (how it relates) to everything we've discussed so far.

So, this week’s podcast is relatively short …but the information I’m covering with you today is (absolutely critical) for you to be able to enjoy massive levels of success online.

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