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Get Clients Now

Oct 30, 2017

"The Six-Step Marketing Funnel Framework:  The Simple Method You Can Use To Create a Tribe of Passionate Prospects, Clients and Fans – So You Can Build Your Brand, Sell More Stuff and Make More Money!

Last week’s show: “Five Important Reasons You Should Consider Replacing Your Website with A High-Converting Sales Funnel”  …was the first in this new series I’ll be doing with you over the next several weeks.

And during this series, I’m going to give you everything you’ll need to design and create (high-converting) sales funnels for your business. 

I decided to do this series (in response) to all the questions (we were getting) over the month or so, and one particular theme (seemed to keep) popping up (which was): 

“How can I (create a massive tribe) of passionate prospects …clients and fans (that I really enjoy working with)?” …and (do it) in a way that will solidify the relationship I’m building with them…and so (I can sell a lot more of my products and services)?”

Now based on the responses we’ve been getting, it seems that some of you are generating a decent amount of profit in your businesses …but from what I can gather you’re really not all that happy (with the type and quality) of clients you’re working with.  -

On the flip side of that ...we’ve got a good number of folks who (actually) like the clients they’re working with but they’re not getting enough of them (to either become) or stay profitable.

It seems to me, that (folks on both sides) are somewhat unhappy with their businesses right now.  So, if you’re trying to figure out why you’re feeling this way … (feeling like) something’s wrong with your business and you (really want) to figure out (how you can fix it) …

I’ve got a simple exercise (you can do), that that’ll take 20-30 minutes (if you’re slow) … that'll help you remedy your situation (no matter which angle) your challenges are coming from.