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Get Clients Now

Oct 12, 2017

On today's episode of the FunnelTribes "Get Clients Now" podcast ... I’m going to let you in on some of my most potent persuasion strategies.  Methods that are so effective at attracting new clients and generating revenue, …that some in the online marketing community are clamoring for them to be banned!

These are the same “black-belt persuasion methods” I’ve used myself to command $30,000 to write a single (12-page) sales letter and (when I was still accepting private clients) …allowed me to (easily) charge new clients $9,500 for one day of consulting…while most other direct response marketers ...are lucky if they get paid $500 to $1000 from an average client!  

These are the same persuasion methods that have allowed 81.7% of the members in the FunnelTribes community to average $115K (and above) in personal income ...and what's really, really exciting is that these are the exact strategies Conor McGregor used to sell Dana White …Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the International Nevada State Athletic Commission …on scheduling that (so-called) “Super-Fight”.

These are EXACT strategies McGregor used to get millions of the world’s boxing (and mixed martial arts) fans … to fork over $100 (each) to watch the event. 

We’re here today to talk about (two) of the most powerful persuasion methods ever discovered …persuasion methods you can use to double, triple even quadruple your new clients and (more importantly) the money you make.

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